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Welcome to the Scratch Wars Marketplace!

You've just arrived to the official marketplace of your favorite card game. You can trade, exchange or sell your hero and weapon cards here. To gain access to all of the website functions you'll have to log in using your Scratch Wars account first. We've also prepared a few offers that you might be interested in. Go on, what are you waiting for?

Best listings

Species Rarity Price
Axemaiden Axemaiden +9 150 CZK
Silver Crossbow Silver Crossbow +8 900 CZK
Spinbay Dancer Spinbay Dancer +8 6000 CZK
Bony Mace Bony Mace +7 1500 CZK
Rhino Fighter Rhino Fighter +7 300 CZK

Most desired cards (show all)

Species Amount
Fighter of Alzahrad Fighter of Alzahrad 8
Vampire Prince Vampire Prince 6
Woolly Hooligan Woolly Hooligan 6
Brilliaxe Brilliaxe 6
Fairy Queen Fairy Queen 5

Freshest listings

Lighthouse Staff
  • Rarity: +2
  • Price: 50 CZK
Mysterious Golem
  • Rarity: +7
  • Price: by agreement
  • Rarity: +0
  • Price: by agreement
  • Rarity: +9
  • Price: 150 CZK
Robot Battler
  • Rarity: +0
  • Price: 60 CZK
Robot Battler
  • Rarity: +0
  • Price: 60 CZK

Last trades

Date Seller For
06/24/2020 Foxy 2609 270 CZK
06/24/2020 Foxy 2609 160 CZK
06/10/2020 vikiase a spol.
06/10/2020 vikiase a spol. 42 CZK or Vampire Hunter
06/06/2020 Veverák Brilliaxe, Emerald Greatsword, Lord of Biotechlandia
06/04/2020 luky 200 CZK or Legendary Veteran, Megamelon Bow, Oil Knight, Brilliaxe, Octostaff, Saber of Bubbles
06/03/2020 pasin 20 CZK
05/29/2020 Vferda 30 CZK
05/29/2020 Vferda 30 CZK
05/29/2020 Vferda 30 CZK

Biggest trades in July

Date Seller Price